Batman : The Video Game (1990)

Another forgotten video game called Batman video game appears on Genesis in 1990 or 1991 (depending on the source of information). The evil individualists have plotted to undertake Gotham City. To capture Batman in a trap The Joker has kidnapped the sublime photographer Vicki Vale. This game was based on the Tim Burton 1989 movie.

This game is considered a side-scroller action and side-scroller shooter for his vehicle sections. You got to play as the Dark Knight himself, fighting your way through Gotham City and taking on the Joker and his goons. The game had six stages, each with a different style and challenge. In the Gotham City Streets Batman walks in the night under the rain punching Joker’s thugs, The Axis Chemical Factory where Batman introduces himself to defeat Jack Napier, Fulgelhiem Museum where he must fight against Bob the Goon, Gotham Cathedral where is hold Batman ultimate duel against the Joker.

Batman fighting Bob the Goon while the Joker and Vicki Vale are watching

During sections of these stages Batman will be driving the batmobile with Vale as the passenger and another section he is piloting the Batwing. You could use various gadgets like the Batarang, the grappling hook, and the smoke bomb to help you out. The game also had some cutscenes that recreated scenes from the movie. The game is hard, but not impossible, and it made you feel like a real superhero. If you haven’t played it yet, you should definitely give it a try. It’s a blast from the past that still holds up today.


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